Miller Edge RB-G-K10 Monitored Gate Edge Transmitter/Receiver System

Miller Edge RBand RB-G-K10 Monitored Gate Edge Transmitter/Receiver system is intended to provide a wireless connection between a monitored sensing edge and a motorized operator that controls the associated gate. The RBand Receiver is compatible with up to 3 RBand Transmitters on 2 channels; 6 total transmitters. RBand meets the 2016 UL 325 requirements for monitored devices and has been certified as a UL 325 Recognized Component. It is designed for use with operators that comply with 2016 UL 325 using a Miller Edge 10K Sensing Edge.

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Kit includes the RB-G-K10 Gate Edge Receiver and RB-TX10 Gate Edge Transmitter.

Note: Receiver supports up to six transmitter on two channels. If you need additional transmitters, see RB-TX10 Gate Edge Transmitter.


  • Easy to configure
  • Monitored system ideal for gate operators manufactured after January 2016
  • Two channel receiver compatible with up to 6 total wireless transmitters
  • Onboard diagnostics for easy setup/interference
  • Bi-directional link improves immunity to RF interference
  • Transmitter built to endure rugged outdoor environments
  • UL 325 Recognized Component
  • 2 year warranty

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