Pedestal PRO 42-9C-BLK 42" Gooseneck Pedestal

  • Pedestal PRO 42-9C-BLK 42" Gooseneck Pedestal

The Pedestal Pro 42-9C-BLK 42" Gooseneck Pedestal is a sturday, cost-effective, pad-mount card reader pedestal for cars and pedestians. Keypads, intercomes, entry/exit buttons, biometric readers, telephone entry systems, housing, and other access control devices can also be installed on this pedestal.

Most often installed for automatic gate entry and exit, parking lot, and perimeter access applications. Includes a face plate with universal holes patterns, heavy duty base plate, and a sliding cover plate to hide the mounting bolts that secure the base. Whereas a competing pedestal may be made from .074" wall tube, this pedestal is made from .120" wall tube (62% more steel) and is designed to withstand abuse from vandals or Mother Nature. This pedestal has passed our facewind testing protocol which determined it can survive sustained Category 5 hurricane force winds of 157 mph.

The gooseneck is bent with the tightest 6" center radius using a state-of-the-art mandrel bending die in which the curve is formed uniformly without collapsing the underside of the neck. Compared to competing pedestals with very long necks and/or loose bending tolerances, ours is the design preferred by professional installers.

Entry and Exit Systems offers any parts needed for repairs, updates, and upgrades for gates, sensors/readers, controls, and more!

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